Product Spotlight: Natural Pain Pack Pillow


Do long days spent staring at your desk computer have your neck in a knot? Do your joints get sore after a long workout or swell from everyday activities? Never fear! Our Natural Pain Pack pillow’s wrap-around design will bring instant relief to your aches and pains. As one of Mother Earth’s most versatile pillows, it can be heated or chilled to provide therapeutic heat or cold to sore spots along the cervical neck, joints, and other areas of the body.

With so many little muscles in the neck, this pillow can gently wrap or drape around these muscles without being uncomfortable. While our trigger point pillow provides relief to shoulder and lower neck muscles, it leaves the upper neck muscles untouched. The pain pack pillow specifically wraps to relieve these smaller neck muscles with a gentle and light-weight touch. It has 6 individual pockets to hold our golden flax seed and herbs and give it the flexibility to wrap around your pain areas.

The pain pack pillow can also be used for alleviating pain in the joints. The pillow’s flexibility can wrap entirely around the ankle, knee, wrist, or elbow and provide comfort to all sides of those joints. It can also wrap entirely around your head to help with a headache or a migraine.

Mother Earth’s pain pack pillow comes with removable washable covers, and it is also available in the relieve blend (lavender, peppermint and lemon balm) herbal blend and no herb blend. Don’t go through your days sore from everyday aches and pains, visit our website to order your pain pack pillow today!

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