Customer Spotlight: Barbara Vedder

At Mother Earth Pillows, our products offer natural approaches to relieving pain, tension or discomfort. One of those such products is our variety of pillows that help soothe aches and pains throughout the entire body. Our newest customer spotlight features one of our customers who used our pillows to relieve her discomfort: Barbara Vedder of Madison, Wisconsin.

Ellen Turgasen, Barbara’s massage therapist, contacted Mother Earth Pillows in June 2018 about creating a custom-made bolster pillow for Barbara to help her sleep better. Barbara is a quadriplegic, who is someone that is paralyzed in all four limbs of the body, and every night she needs to sleep in a specific sleeping position to maintain comfort. The position requires her to sleep with her upper body semi-side lying and her lower body completely side lying.

Her previous back pillow had worn out so she resorted to sleeping with rolled blankets and a Mother Earth Pillows heart pillow. But, the blankets kept shifting in the night so she would need to wake someone up to readjust her sleeping position and the blankets. Ellen noticed that the heart pillow held it’s shape due to our use of golden flaxseed and buckwheat hulls. She contacted our staff, and we began building a prototype pillow to help alleviate Barbara’s sleep difficulties

The prototype pillow weighed nearly 30 lbs containing 175 cups of buckwheat hulls and 45 cups of flax. After she tested the prototype, we reduced the amount of buckwheat and added more flax to help the pillow mold better to her body during sleep.  Once the testing was complete, our staff created the customized back pillow with one of our washable navy blue coverings.

A few months later, Ellen was happy to tell us that Barbara was doing well with her new pillow:

“Barbara is completely satisfied with the pillow in every way. It is exactly what we had envisioned. She is sleeping much better and her shoulders are getting better now that she does not have to sleep directly side-lying and can recline onto the pillow.”

We are so proud to have been a part of this story. Many thanks to Barbara and Ellen for sharing their product experience with us! For more information about customized pillow orders, please contact our offices at 1 (800) 344-2072 or email us at


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