Customer Spotlight: Fusion Massage and Wellness

Our first customer spotlight features Fusion Massage Wellness in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Fusion offers a variety of massage therapy services and purchases our “naked” pillows to use during their treatments. Our “naked” pillows come without fabric coverings and have a muslin cover to hold our golden flax seed.

Upon receiving our pillows, they partner with a local charity, Martha’s Task, who sews covers for the pillows and attaches a Fusion Massage Wellness tag to brand the pillows for Fusion’s services and the sale of Cozy Rolls in their retail area.

Fusion has been partnering with Martha’s Task for seven years, and it has led to the betterment of both organizations.

Martha’s Task is a training and work program for economically challenged and marginalized women in Bartlesville. According to 24/7 Wall Street, Oklahoma ranks as one of the top ten poorest states in the nation. To address this statistic, Martha’s Task teaches women how to sew. After learning how to sew, the women obtain sources to sell their products and keep 100 percent of the profit.

The program began when retired seamstress, Lois Morgan, heard that her church, St. James Catholic Church, was looking for a way to better serve those who were economically challenged within the community. She donated her professional sewing machines, tables and various supplies and Martha’s Task began out of a small room in the church.

Since then, Martha’s Task has become an independent non-profit who has been a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization since 2002. They are supported by multiple local churches, generous donors, local organizations and foundations, such as Fusion Massage and Wellness. Their supporters provide monetary donations to purchase new supplies, provide fabric donations for the women to use to create their products and purchase their products to give the Martha’s Task women a way to make a living.

Today, the program at Martha’s Task is run by Loretta Vives, Linda Quinn, Pat Brown and numerous volunteers.

Amanda Jacobson, owner and massage therapist at Fusion Massage and Wellness, said the current partnership between Fusion, Martha’s Task and Mother Earth Pillows has been fantastic.

“The previous owner was very big into promoting local non-profits and businesses as much as she could while growing Fusion,” Jacobson said. “At the time, she was actually hand making her own flax pillows and using Martha’s Task for the covers. As things got busier, she turned to Mother Earth Pillows for the flax pillows so the marriage between the two is what we have now.”

Fusion sells our pillows in their retail store under the name Cozy Rolls. They tell each customer about the product, but also about who made the cover for their pillow. They thank their customer not only for supporting their business, but also supporting the women at Martha’s Task.

We are so proud to be involved in this great story! Many thanks to Amanda at Fusion for sharing their experience with us. If you ever find yourself in the Tulsa area, be sure to find an extra 20 minutes to run up to Bartlesville – you won’t be disappointed by the hospitality, talent and charitable nature you find at Fusion Massage and Wellness!

To learn more about Fusion Massage and Wellness or Martha’s Task, you can visit their websites with the links provided below this post.

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Martha’s Task –