Vendor Spotlight: Stevens Family Farm

For this spotlight, we chose to feature our golden flax seed vendor, Stevens Family Farm. Stevens Family Farm is a small family-owned farm in Glenburn, North Dakota, about 40 miles from the Canadian border. It’s been run by three generations of farmers, and currently, grows golden flax seed along with a variety of small grains such as wheat and canola.

Golden flax seed is a food and fiber crop that is produced in cooler climates such as the regions of North Dakota and Canada. Today, North Dakota is the largest producer of golden flax seed. The state’s cool and arid temperatures allow for flax to grow its best. The farm plants the crop in early spring after the long North Dakotan winter. During their growth, the crop produces periwinkle blue flowers, which mature into tiny pods filled with golden seeds. Once the flax is fully matured around October and November, the Stevens family harvests the flax to be distributed throughout the country.

Golden flax seed can be used for nutritious purposes, linen creation, and our Mother Earth Pillows. Stevens Family Farm has been Mother Earth Pillows’ golden flax seed provider for over 8 years.

Marla Stevens said,  “the partnership was formed under Mother Earth Pillows Founder, Karen Kowal, and Stevens Family Farm’s owner, March Stevens nearly 8 years ago.”

Since then, Mother Earth Pillows has used hundreds of pounds of golden flax seed to produce our various styles of pillows.

Our company uses Stevens Family Farm’s golden flax seed because the seeds hold both hot and cold temperatures better than any other type of flax seed. The seeds’ fresh scent also goes well with our variety of herbal blends: breathe, soothe and relieve. The most important characteristic of these seeds is their ability to provide therapeutic weight to increase circulation, help improve lymphatic efficiency and provide pain management and comfort to those who use our products. The flax seed conforms to your body giving you the best relaxation and comfort possible.

Mother Earth Pillows Owner Jeff Evenson said he greatly appreciates the relationship the company has with Stevens Family Farm.

“I am so glad to be partners with Stevens Family Farm,” Evenson said. “They give us high-quality product, and we hope to continue this partnership well into the future.”

Stevens Family Farm plays a huge part in the production of our pillows, and we would not be successful without the periwinkle blue flowers that produce golden seeds for our products. We are happy to be partnered with them, and we hope it will remain for many years to come!


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